Limited edition signed and numbered prints of Officers

Postage and packaging is a flat rate of £10.50 by Royal Mail Special Delivery, however many copies are ordered.

(Special Delivery is Alix's new rate due to Royal Mail unreliability with other services, plus an increase in packaging costs.)


Editions of various numbers of prints, on white paper, with regimental titles below the image.


Alix accepts commission for caricatures with real or generic faces, in the style of those below.  For pen and watercolour caricatures, a sample can be seen on the Military Paintings page.

She can also do them of figures in other uniformed organisations, such as barristers, judges, medical professionals etc.


PLEASE NOTE that Alix cannot undertake large group caricatures since they take away to much time from her work for exhibitions etc.  You can find suitable caricaturists by searching online using such words as 'military corporate group caricaturist', check for styles you like and get perhaps 3 quotes as prices can vary.

Alix can consider smaller groups.


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