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A 2022 sale

It's absolutely lovely.  We're thrilled. Thank you for being so clever!


A caricature commission 2020:
It's wonderful!  It's a great caricature, I'm so impressed!

A caricature commission 2020:

My brother loved it.  Thank you so much.
Happy customers 2020: 
It is even better in the flesh than on Instagram.
It's a beautiful piece and fits my collection perfectly. I'm also delighted to get more acquainted with your work on your website; it's such a lovely, evocative style you paint with.
I'm quite intrigued by your technique, thanks for explaining it.
Really love the painting.
A military caricature commissioned for an official presentation 2019:
I just wanted to say that he was thrilled with his caricature which was presented to him on Friday evening.  I report his pleasure and the many admiring comments from attendees at the dinner.  Thank you so much for producing such a splendid likeness of a much loved regimental character!
A customer who bought a print at Hampshire Open Studios 2019:
"That evening there was a crash on the motorway and the park and ride bus was full, cramped and took ages.  Your print became a talking point.  Lots of people admired it!"
A private customer who commissioned a caricature of a famous military officer, 2019
It is magnificent, better than I could ever have hoped for.
The Judges of  the 'Four Seasons' exhibition  of Southampton Art Gallery 2018 on my award of 2nd Prize
'Autumn Light on Riverbank Willows' is an eye catching and stylish gem of a painting.  The simple subject of trees by a river is transformed through design, form and colour into an enchanted garden - beautifully painted.
The Chairman of the Painters' Decorative & Fine Art Society regarding its 2016 exhibition
Our Featured Artist Alix Baker had a wonderful arrangement of her paintings from her trips around the world.  Their colours were typical of the places she had been to and the titles added an element of fun.
The Chairman of the Army Arts Society regarding its 2016 exhibition in Salisbury (I and another artist were the organisers)
The exhibits looked fantastic.  There were huge compliments being banded around from all quarters; hopefully many to your face.  All in all, fantastic.  You did the Society proud yesterday.
John R Math, Director of Light Space & Time international online gallery
Your artwork is outstanding and you should be very proud that your work was chosen from 612 entries which were submitted from around the world (Figurative exhibition 2016 in which I was awarded Special Merit)
The Gallery Manager, The Mall Galleries, London, 2007
If it wasn't considered sexist I would say life under 'Madam' Chairman (of the Armed Forces Art Society which exhibited annually at the galleries in The Mall) has been most successful and efficient and I doubt if things will be quite the same under new management ...by which I mean attention to detail and availability of time......
The Commanding Officer, 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards
Alix was commissioned to paint a picture reflecting 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guard's 2008/9 tour of Afghanistan. She is a fabulous artist with rich experience of painting military subjects and she rose to the challenge magnificently. A master of detail and rich in ideas and originality, she was able to capture our tour superbly by painting a scene that got to the core of why we were there - to help stabilise Afghanistan by improving security and helping to connect the people with their fledgling government.   I thoroughly recommend her.
Pat Harrison, artist (from her blog, 2015)
Last week I went to collect my paintings which I had submitted for an exhibition with the Chelsea Art Society. I took the opportunity to have a look at hundreds of paintings and sculptures which had been selected from more than a thousand works handed in the previous week.  The art works were well presented within the magnificent surroundings of the Chelsea Old Town Hall.
I was particularly impressed seeing the works of two of my featured artists for the first time in the original. Lesley Dabson´s and Alix Baker's paintings looked even better than their photos which I had seen on the web.
Richard Waldron, artist
Alix paints her subjects with great aplomb and expertise. She is an excellent fine artist and exhibits regularly with the Painter Stainers Livery. She is also very approachable.
Hugh Beattie, artist
Alix is a very helpful friend at the Armed forces Art Society, who has helped me over and over again for many years. Her art work is very colourful and decorative, on a wide range of subject matter. She is flexible timely and productive.