Photo by my son Will Bremridge
Photo by my son Will Bremridge

I have two sides to my art - 'civilian' and military.


On the civilian side: I exhibit widely and am also a judge at, or help organise, exhibitions.  I have been the subject of study by GCSE and A Level students on several occasions and much enjoy mentoring young artists.


I am a Life Member of the late Armed Forces Art Society, having chaired it for 6 years - the first not to have been in the armed services, and the first woman.  I remained very active in the organisation and served in various posts on the Committee for 16 years.


I am a Member of the United Society of Artists; a member and past committee member the Painters Fine Art Society of the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers; a past committee member of the late Army Arts Society.


On the military side: My work is in numerous museums from those throughout the United Kingdom to several abroad.  My advice is sought by publishers, authors, silversmiths, sculptors, specialist magazines and historians.


Information on past official commissions can be supplied on request.  My past mail order side sold my military work worldwide in fine art print, postcard and other forms.  I have written, painted and done graphic work for many specialist publications.  Some of the world's top model makers have used my work for reference and poses. 


Scenes of active service, parades, official presentations, caricatures etc,   in fact, anything on a military theme can be considered.


Several websites are illustrated by my pictures - not always with my permission!


I am a Freeman of the City of London and of the Worshipful Company of Painter-Stainers.


Last but far from least: I am married to Tom Bremridge and have 2 sons, Henry and Will.


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I find it very hard to sum up in a few words my art, its style and inspiration, my interpretation of light and colour.  All I know is that, like many artists, I get a physical craving, particularly when it’s not possible to access time or art materials.  I carry a notebook everywhere, jotting down thoughts, notes on colours, light direction, random ideas etc.  I’m for ever looking up at the sky and the many colours to be found in clouds!  Having devoted so many years to work that was more illustrative, I am always trying to loosen up and perhaps that is why my style is constantly evolving.  Inspiration is all around and I rather wish I had spent more years developing my non-military side - fewer committee meetings for a start!


I believe there is a genetic link to the subjects I have painted over the years.  Many ancestors were in the armed services, several were artists, explorers and one grandfather, also an artist, built his own racing yachts.  So I should not be surprised at what I choose to paint now and in the future............!