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Here you will find my Galleries showing a large collection of paintings on diverse subjects from home and abroad and in several media.


Many paintings have been exhibited at exhibitions or entered in competitions and several have won awards.  Exhibitions include the RBA, RSMA, ROI, SWA, UA and major art societies.


Most of my art career was spent on officially commissioned military paintings but now I try to limit this side, although I am happy to discuss possible military commissions.


I am intrigued by different countries, cultures and people and attempt to capture something of these in my paintings.


Painting is a continuous process of exploration and experimentation which explains my variety of styles.


Landscape painting Colombia garden trees plants
In a Monastery Garden



Special Merit Award in the Figurative competition run by the Light Space & Time online art gallery.

667 entries from 26 countries.

Let's catch up over coffee
Let's catch up over coffee



Special Recognition in the Landscape competition run by the Light Space & Time online art gallery.

738 entries from 28 countries.

Gornergrat railway, Zermatt
Gornergrat railway, Zermatt

Next Exhibition

13-14 May

Raising money for the charity Combat Stress.


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