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Canal and boats Venice
Parked up, Venice
Chania, Crete
Chania, Crete


Here you will find my Paintings showing a large collection of works on diverse subjects from home and abroad and in several media.

Many paintings have been exhibited at exhibitions or entered in competitions and several have won awards. Exhibitions include the RBA, RSMA, ROI, SWA, UA, ING Discerning Eye and major art societies.

Most of my art career was spent on officially commissioned military paintings but now I try to limit this side, although I am happy to discuss possible military work.

I am intrigued by different countries, cultures and people and attempt to capture something of these in my paintings.

Painting is a continuous process of exploration and experimentation which explains my variety of styles.

If you are a past customer, thank you so much for enabling me to do what I do. 


I accept commissions.  What is more personal than having a painting done just for pleasure or to mark a special occasion?  I am happy to discuss what you might want, to work out a price and the timescale.  If a commission is specific only to you or your recipient, a small deposit may be required.


The Sunday Times

Watercolour Competition

Syria painting
Syria: Closed for Business


Royal Society of

Marine Artists

A Threesome in the Afternoon
A Threesome in the Afternoon



Special Recognition Award in the Landscape competition run by the Light Space & Time online art gallery.

658 entries from 19 countries.

Poppy fields and country road
Poppy fields and country road



Special Merit Award in the Figurative competition run by the Light Space & Time online art gallery.

667 entries from 26 countries.


Let's catch up over coffee
Let's catch up over coffee



Special Recognition Award for Exceptional Art, Light Space & Time Open Art Exhibition 2017.

781 entries from around the world.


Parked up, Venice
Parked up, Venice

Next Exhibitions


16-26 November

The Mall Galleries, Pall Mall, London SW1Y 5BD

The Stade Hastings
Veterans, The Stade, Hastings


18-19 November

Wells in the Field Farm, Whitchurch, Hampshire

RG28 7NQ

I have several paintings and prints, framed and unframed

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