If you merely wish to be added to my mailing list to receive the occasional Newsletter, please send me a message via the Contact page or complete the form on my Home page.  Your details are treated with the greatest confidence and never passed to anyone else.


What is more personal than having a painting done just for pleasure or to mark a special occasion?  I am very happy to discuss what you might want, to work out a price and the timescale.

Please contact me through my Contact page.  

  • Where a commission is so particular to you that it would not be of appeal or sellable elsewhere, a deposit may be required.
  • You will be kept fully informed as the work progresses and provided with an image of the finished piece before final payment is required.
  • As a rule, copyright of a painting remains with me but other arrangements can be discussed.

Have you seen a painting that you would love to have but can't afford?

Have you thought of contacting me with an offer? 

You never know until you try!

Some works may not be available as they might be very new, with a gallery or intended for exhibitions.


Payment in instalments might also be possible if that helps your budget. 


Visitors are welcome but only by arrangement as, being a working environment, some reorganising might be required to make your visit enjoyable.   Artists and studio clutter tend to be joined at the hip!